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About Our Products

Wells Fargo Funds is built for investment excellence and on a legacy of service that's hard to duplicate. We invite you to learn more about these qualifications—and others—that make us ideally suited to meet your investment needs.

Mutual fund lineup

Wells Fargo Funds offers mutual funds in every key category. Each fund is guided by a premier investment team chosen for its focused attention to a particular investment style. There's a fund to meet the investment goals and risk tolerance of almost any investment portfolio. Review our fund lineup.

Closed-end funds

Wells Fargo closed-end funds (CEFs) are publicly traded mutual funds that have similarities with their open-end counterparts but also significant differences. Like an open-end fund, CEFs offer the benefits of diversification and professional management, but with a fixed number of shares for sale. After the IPO, shares are bought and sold in the secondary marketplace and the market price of the shares is determined by supply and demand, not by net asset value. Diversification does not assure or guarantee better performance and cannot eliminate the risk of investment losses. Review our fund lineup.

Managed accounts

Wells Fargo Managed Account Services offers a program of professionally managed portfolios made up of individual securities and geared to meet the investment needs of sophisticated investors and institutions. The comprehensive lineup of separately managed strategies takes advantage of the expertise of the same investment teams who manage some of the most popular Wells Fargo Funds. The managers apply the same time-tested philosophies, strategies, and processes to the managed accounts. Learn more.

Variable trust funds

The Wells Fargo Variable Trust (VT) Funds are offered as an option in the variable annuity platforms of many leading insurers. Our VT fund lineup includes a variety of asset classes and investment styles, providing ample opportunity to meet the diversification needs of any variable annuity portfolio. The funds are managed by some of the same investment teams who manage the Wells Fargo Funds open-end mutual funds. The managers apply the same time-tested philosophies, strategies, and processes to the VT funds. Access VT regulatory documents.

A program of regular investment cannot ensure a profit or protect against a loss in a declining market.

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The Variable Trust Funds are generally available only through insurance company variable contracts.