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Our History

We're proud of a distinguished investment heritage that stretches back for decades. Over time, we expanded our capabilities to offer investors additional building blocks for implementing a wide range of investment strategies. Our timeline offers a perspective of the key milestones in our history.

Keystone creates one of the first mutual fund families.
Wells Fargo & Company introduces one of the first institutional index funds.
Wells Fargo applies Markowitz and Sharpe’s research on Modern Portfolio Theory to investment portfolio management.
Wells Fargo Stagecoach Funds launches its first Asset Allocation Fund.
Wells Fargo’s proprietary Tactical Asset Allocation (TAA) model is first applied to Wells Fargo Collective Funds.
The TAA Model is first applied to Wells Fargo’s asset allocation mutual funds.
Wells Fargo introduces the LifePath Funds, one of the first suites of target date funds (now the Wells Fargo Dow Jones Target Date Funds).
Evergreen Investments and Keystone Funds merge.
Wells Fargo launches Wells Fargo Advantage WealthBuilder Portfolios, a fund-of-funds suite of products that includes the use of quantitative models to shift assets across investment styles.
Norwest Advantage Funds and Stagecoach Funds are reorganized into Wells Fargo Funds after the merger of Norwest and Wells Fargo.
Wachovia formally completes a merger of equals with Evergreen Funds’ umbrella company, First Union Corporation, to create the new Wachovia Corporation.
Evergreen Retail and Evergreen Institutional companies form the umbrella asset management company, Evergreen Investments.
Evergreen Investments adds the First International Advisors group to its platform and renames it Evergreen International Advisors.
Wells Fargo significantly expands its fund lineup with the acquisition of Montgomery Asset Management.
Evergreen Investments forms a relationship with Grantham, Mayo, Van Otterloo & Co., LLC (GMO).
Wells Fargo’s adoption of Philadelphia-based Cooke & Bieler Funds brings new large-cap and mid-cap value funds to the lineup.
Artisan Funds is hired to manage the Wells Fargo International Equity Fund.
The integration of Strong Funds creates Wells Fargo Advantage Funds, resulting in one of the 20 largest mutual fund companies in the United States.
Evergreen Investments announces strategic investment in Golden Capital Management, LLC.
Wells Fargo Advantage Funds relaunches the target date product line as Wells Fargo Advantage Dow Jones Target Date Funds.
Evergreen Investments acquires majority interest in intrinsic-value managers Metropolitan West Capital Management, LLC.
Wells Fargo Advantage Funds launches five additional Wells Fargo Advantage Dow Jones Target Date Funds.
Evergreen Investments acquires majority interest in European Credit Management Limited (ECM), a London-based fixed-income investment management firm.
Wells Fargo launches the Luxembourg-domiciled Wells Fargo (LUX) Worldwide Fund.
Wells Fargo & Company completes the acquisition of Wachovia Corporation (the parent company of Evergreen Investments) on December 31.
The Boards of Trustees of Wells Fargo Advantage Funds and Evergreen Funds approve the merger of the fund families.

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