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Strength. Expertise. Support.

Wells Fargo Funds skillfully guides institutions, financial advisors, and individuals through the investment terrain to help them reach their financial objectives. Everything we do on behalf of investors is backed by our unique combination of qualifications.


The strength of our heritage has given us the high standards of integrity and service we live by today.

We're proud to be part of Wells Fargo & Company—a company that's been setting standards for integrity and service for more than 150 years. We base our own practices on that tradition. Today, as part of a highly diversified financial enterprise, we offer large-firm strengths with a depth of resources focused on helping you succeed.


We insist on seeking out and providing you with access to premier money managers.

We offer funds in every key category, each guided by skillful investment teams who have been chosen because of their proven, time-tested strategies. While each team specializes in a specific investment strategy, collectively they offer a wide choice of distinct investment styles. Our multi-boutique approach allows our portfolio teams to operate autonomously, applying their own independent thinking and using their own proprietary research and analysis to implement their unique investment strategies and processes.

Our highly disciplined investment governance policies and procedures offer an added level of confidence that fund strategies remain on track.

Our dedication to investment excellence doesn't end with our expertise in manager selection. Once hired, managers are subject to ongoing analysis and rigorous review to help ensure their investment processes remain consistent.


We have an infrastructure dedicated solely to providing you with the transparency you need to make informed investment decisions.

You have access to the ideas and expertise of our product specialists, capital market strategists, investment analysts, and investment communications experts to provide you with unparalleled insight into our products and the latest economic and market trends. These professionals are tasked with working together to produce investor communications that go far beyond simple narrative and boilerplate data.

We support you through every stage of the investment decision process.

In an increasingly complex environment, we know that the best results can only be achieved through deep collaborative relationships. The support offered by your relationship manager, regional director, and/or service team lets you take advantage of a deep well of industry knowledge and experience.

We offer solutions that meet a full spectrum of investment needs.