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Factor-based Funds

Shares of the factor-based funds are available exclusively through certain managed advisory programs offered by Eligible Intermediaries having an agreement to offer these Fund shares. Eligible Intermediaries may charge fees in connection with participation in such programs. Please consult your Eligible Intermediary for information regarding fees.

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Fund name Fund holdings Ticker
Wells Fargo Emerging Markets Bond Fund View Holdings WBEMX
Wells Fargo Factor Enhanced Emerging Markets Fund View Holdings WEEMX
Wells Fargo Factor Enhanced International Fund View Holdings WINTX
Wells Fargo Factor Enhanced Large Cap Fund View Holdings WLECX
Wells Fargo Factor Enhanced Small Cap Fund View Holdings WFESX
Wells Fargo High Yield Corporate Bond Fund View Holdings WYCBX
Wells Fargo International Government Bond Fund View Holdings WIGBX
Wells Fargo U.S. Core Bond Fund View Holdings WUSBX

The Indexes the funds are tracking are sponsored by Wells Fargo Securities, LLC (the "Index Provider"). The Index Provider determines the composition of the Index, relative weightings of the securities in the Index and publishes information regarding the market value of the Index. The Index Provider does not guarantee that the Index is accurate.